Anna Maria Island Information: Best Places to Watch Sunset

Anna Maria Island has been a Florida beach vacation spot more than a hundred years. There is plenty of fun to be had while the sun is high, but the magic really starts when it reaches the horizon.
Here are some of the best places to watch sunset on Anna Maria Island:
1. Bean Point: Bean Point is located on the northern-most point of the island and named in honor of the earliest setter of Anna Maria Island George Emerson Bean. Bean Point has breathtaking views in almost every direction. To the east is Tampa Bay and the west is the Gulf of Mexico.  Above is a big beautiful sky filled with clouds that illuminate in blues and reds as the sun seemingly settles into the sea.
2. Coquina Beach: On the southern tip of the island is Coquina Beach Park. With ample parking and massive beaches, Coquina is a great place to see sunset as the water's expressive blues and greens are especially visible from the beach.
3. Sunset Sail: Experience sunset like never before from a sailboat. At sea, the setting sun's reflection is shown across all of the sky and the surrounding waters. 
4. Cortez Beach: There are three erosion groins lining Cortez Beach on the southern portion of the island. While these groins are not for walking or sitting on, they do attract a many pelicans and seagulls, which are especially majestic in flight in front of the setting sun.
5. Sandbar/BeachHouse: If you prefer to enjoy the close of the day with a drink in your hand, there are a couple of great options. Sister restaurants Sandbar and BeachHouse both have great sunset drink specials and optimum sitting areas for watching the final moments of daylight.
6. Manatee County Beach: For the most traditional beach experience, Manatee County Beach is it. Parking is located at the intersection of Gulf Dr. and US Hwy 64. Manatee County Beach is the island's busiest beach, and the best place to watch a sunset and people watch at the same time.
7. Near Love Ones: There's really no bad place to see a sunset on Anna Maria Island.  Just make for the closest beach access with someone you love.

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